Sales Beacon | Why Diversity Certification Makes Sense for Women-Owned Businesses
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Why Diversity Certification Makes Sense for Women-Owned Businesses

Celebrate your success with diversity certification and take your business to the next level by reaching new markets.

You’re like many women business owners. You’re smart, driven and successful – and you’re probably raising a family at the same time you’re growing your business. You can further celebrate your success by pursuing a diversity certification program and, in the process, take your business to the next level by reaching new markets.

In an earlier blog, Certifying Your Company for Diversity Opportunities, I looked at what’s required to certify your business. In this blog, I will address how certification can help you celebrate your accomplishments and aid you in reaching the next level.

Why Certify?

Diversity certification makes sense for women-owned businesses if you want to break into the global Fortune 1000 or government markets. In Canada, certification is offered by both Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE) Canada and WeConnect International. Both organizations act as a bridge between corporate and public procurement and women like you.

Diversity certification offers you three important pillars to support future growth:

Support from companies just like you

Both WBE and WeConnect offer certified members networking events, conferences and workshops so you can meet other women who also run successful businesses. This gives you an opportunity to talk to women facing the same challenges and to learn from their experiences as well as to open the door for new partnerships with women who have forged the trail before you.

Corporate mentoring programs can help you navigate the challenges associated with expanding a business and developing new partnerships.

Certification opens the door to opportunities focused on  procurement partnerships and access to partner organizations.

Connecting you to internal diversity managers

Diversity managers actively look for partnerships through certifying bodies to ensure women-owned suppliers have the capacity to provide goods or services. Certification provides you with a clear path to these diversity managers.

A clear path to further success

In addition to developing mentoring relationships, certification also opens the door to training and education opportunities focused on developing new procurement partnerships and providing access to partner organizations at both a regional and national level.


Membership comes with privileges such as invitations to forums presented by corporate members designed to provide you with an overview to the procurement process, as well as tips on how to respond to requests for proposals and prepare bids.

Diversity certification proves to your clients that your company meets universal standards for women’s business enterprises. It also shows you meet the criteria of ownership, management and control, contribution of capital and expertise, as well as independence.

Diversity Certified

Sales Beacon is passionate about empowering women and developing opportunities in rural communities across Canada. Sales Beacon is proud to hold diversity certification with WBE Canada and WEConnect International and was recently chosen as second runner up in the video category at the WeConnect International Gala 2017.