Sales Beacon | Webinar: How to Maximize Virtual Team Productivity
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How to Maximize Virtual Team Productivity

Webinar: How to Maximize Virtual Team Productivity

Have you ever been in virtual team meetings where everyone dials in every week, and it seems like you just re-hash all the stuff you talked about last week? Then next week it’s the same thing? Does it feel like treading water? Well, you’re not alone.

Studies show that 75% of virtual team members don’t pay attention and 33% don’t produce anything. With virtual work on the rise, making virtual teams productive should be on everybody’s radar. How do you combat today’s endless social media distractions and make people accountable? Most businesses, large and small, deal with remote workers, clients, sales people. Everyone with an eye on their bottom line should be interested in making these people as productive as possible.

Sales Beacon CEO Cynthia Spraggs shares strategies on how we keep remote teams accountable and engaged, and cut through the noise to secure stakeholder buy-in.