Sales Beacon | Pedal to the Metal: Solve Your Productivity Problems
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Pedal to the Metal: Solve Your Productivity Problems

Do you often find yourself wondering where the day went? Are unwanted distractions bogging you down? Are you searching for a way for your sales team to work smarter?

Navigating your way through the many stages involved in a sale is complicated. Products change, suppliers can be unreliable, and customers are often fickle. To maximize your time and meet your sales targets, it’s vital to have a strategy that keeps your focus on your #1 goal – making the sale!

LiveHive CMO Micheline Nijmeh defines sales acceleration as “a set of tools that drives, pushes, promotes the sales cycle – that is, their goal is to push a sale across the finish line”.

Sales productivity services like this are often the best solution to problems of distraction, wasted time and duplication of effort. We have found that by off-loading non-sales tasks to support staff, our clients free up their most valuable resource – their time.

Think about how much quicker your vehicle can go when it’s not loaded with gear, bike racks and tiresome, long-winded passengers. It’s time to get into a higher gear.

  1. Are your sales cycles expanding instead of shrinking? Sales organizations operate in a fast-paced environment. To stay ahead of competitors and maximize opportunities, it is essential to shorten sales cycles with less friction and fewer process delays. Doesn’t it make sense that shorter sales cycles will maximize revenues while also motivating sales reps and improving productivity outcome?
  2. Is your sales team wasting time on non-selling activities? Did you know that more than 60% of sales rep’s time is spent on actions other than selling? That impacts not just their sales numbers but how they interact with customers and ultimately their ability to close deals quickly.
  3. Is your sales team empowered?Today’s buyer demands customized support and undivided attention at all stages of engagement. To make sure sellers meet these demands, it is vital to empower sales teams with the tools to effectively support the buyer’s needs.

Making sales is no longer a matter of knocking on a few doors and hoping for the best. Those days are over.  Especially today, salespeople are increasingly distracted, drowning in irrelevant information and wasted time and effort. Sales teams need to streamline their operations to spend more time on meeting their customer’s needs.

Sales Beacon has had the privilege of managing team initiatives for some of the world’s largest virtual and remote sales forces. Contact Sales Beacon to find out more about how to improve sales productivity.