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A new way to manage in today’s virtual, global, fast moving organizations.

Over 800 successful assignments since 2007.
Agile-driven. Cost-effective.

“I would highly recommend Sales Beacon on any program, project or initiative driving transformational change for an organization or company.”


—Sr. Director Strategy, Planning & Operations

Deploy New Solutions Faster

Deliver Customized Sales Incentive Programs

Roll Out Nationwide Partner Roadshows

Deploy Sales Force Training Regionally or Globally

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Project Management Case Studies

Drive Sales with Global Sales Contests

Drive Sales with Global Sales Contests

Sales leadership needed to drive hardware, services and contract bundled solutions.

Develop Program Plan for Global Rollout

Develop Program Plan for Global Rollout

The client’s internal program management office was overloaded and couldn’t focus on a world-wide launch of a new bundled cellular solution.

Increase Fundraising Results

Increase Fundraising Results

The March of Dimes program needed to bring in better results. The customer needed flexible program management services to help drive fundraising results.