Sales Beacon | Case Study: Boost Vertical Sales By Coordinating Workflows
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Boost Vertical Sales By Coordinating Workflows

Lack of coordination between similar vertical accounts was causing missed sales targets.


Individual sales managers were pursuing nearly identical sales within a vertical account, but losing opportunities due to lack of specialized resources needed to close the deals.

  • Account managers’ activities not coordinated across similar accounts
  • Sales efforts were duplicated across pursuits which overloaded reps
  • Opportunities left on the table due to lack of coordinated strategy


Sales Beacon drove a vertical solution to coordinate efforts and increase revenue across an industry. We implemented a strategic plan and a control process to drive sales across the vertical bringing together a large integrated team.

  • Coordinated all activities of a large team of AMs across 20 vertical accounts
  • Enabled overloaded account managers supporting many sales projects to focus solely on the sale
  • Drove accountability, strategy and next steps via weekly status updating and action item reminders


Exceeded sales targets, increased account penetration across vertical and discovered new opportunities.

  • Better use of specialized technical resources meant more customers could be served by the same number of sales people
  • Team productivity increased and cost of sales reduced by eeffective scheduling
  • Account managers freed up to spend more time in accounts selling
  • Improved team morale, reduced attrition and less burnout

“Sales Beacon’s services freed up 30% of my work week.”

— Director of IOT, Wachter

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