Sales Beacon | Case Study: Maximizing Specialist Efficiency to Increase Revenues
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Maximizing Specialist Efficiency to Increase Revenues

Specialists were needed for the same task across numerous similar teams. Lack of coordination was causing missed sales targets. Sales Beacon was brought in to make the entire process more efficient.


Individual sales managers were pursuing nearly identical sales within a vertical account but losing opportunities due to lack of specialized resources needed to close the deals. These specialists would fly into one city, meet with one account, then fly to another city to meet with another account – rather than having a coordinated calendar for each city.


Sales Beacon drove a vertical solution to coordinate efforts and increase revenue across an industry. We implemented a strategic plan and a control process to drive sales across the vertical bringing together a large integrated team.

  • Coordinated all activities of a large team of AMs across 20 vertical accounts
  • Enabled overloaded account managers supporting many sales projects to focus solely on the sale
  • Drove accountability, strategy and next steps via weekly status updating and action item reminders


Exceeded sales targets, increased account penetration across vertical and discovered new opportunities.

  • Better use of specialized technical resources meant more customers could be served by the same number of sales people
  • Team productivity increased and cost of sales reduced by eeffective scheduling
  • Account managers freed up to spend more time in accounts selling
  • Improved team morale, reduced attrition and less burnout

“Sales Beacon’s services freed up 30% of my work week.”

— Director of IOT, Wachter