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Sales PaaS Case Studies

Case Study: Increase Sales By Driving Cross Functional Team Accountability

Slow response from specialized technical resources caused sales pursuits to grind to a halt, exhausting the account managers and resulting in lower revenues.

Client Challenge

The client was experiencing stalled sales due to inefficient utilization of very specialized technical solution providers. These specialists had to prioritize between numerous sales teams and were not able to support the teams they were assigned to. Often, although there would be six accounts in one city, the specialist would be brought in for one meeting at a time, rather than setting up a calendar where their time would be more efficiently used. The Regional Sales Manager asked Sales Beacon to develop a solution.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon implemented program management guidelines and agile principles to create a more effective sales environment. Our Sales PaaS Specialists ensured the specialized technical solution providers were deployed effectively throughout the sales teams.

  • Implemented project planning and tracking developed specifically for sales team support
  • Developed timely and consistent communications
  • Managed complex communications to stakeholder network
  • Managed customer workshops and briefings

The Business Impact

  • Over $170M in sales
  • Better aligned teams
  • Less sales attrition

Case Study: Increase Sales By Giving Account Teams More Time to Sell

Overloaded enterprise account managers were buried in administrative tasks and unable to focus on the sale.

Client Challenge

The Director of Sales was seeing large enterprise sales not closing in time for quota attainment.
She asked Sales Beacon to come up with a solution to reduce the overwhelming workload from account managers who were pursuing these very large sales. These sales efforts can involve 30-40 people over a long period of time just to pull together the proposal. Some of the technical resources are in high demand, so what happens is the account manager becomes increasingly bogged down and non-productive. Sales stall, customer satisfaction drops and account managers become demotivated.

  • Account teams were buried in administrative tasks
  • Specialized technical resources were poorly utilized
  • Extended teams and partners were difficult to coordinate

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon has provided this support in more than 100 sales pursuits. We have specially trained opportunity managers who streamline this process. Sales Beacon makes sure everything gets done and everyone stays accountable meaning the account managers can focus on the sale and the customer.

  • We host weekly extended team meetings to drive accountability, strategy and next steps
  • Our weekly status updating and action item follow ups make everyone accountable
  • We implement effective tracking of actions across seven tracks with multiple sales pursuits within each track
  • Our opportunity managers track thousands of actions to completion on behalf of the team, offloading major workload and cycles from the account manager and extended teams

Business Impact

Enabled overloaded account managers to focus solely on the sale, resulting in them consistently exceeding their annual sales targets.

Case Study: Boost Vertical Sales By Coordinating Workflows

Lack of coordination between similar vertical accounts was causing missed sales targets.

Client Challenge

Individual sales managers were pursuing nearly identical sales within a vertical account, but losing opportunities due to lack of specialized resources needed to close the deals.

    • Account managers’ activities not coordinated across similar accounts
    • Sales efforts were duplicated across pursuits which overloaded reps
    • Opportunities left on the table due to lack of coordinated strategy

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon drove a vertical solution to coordinate efforts and increase revenue across an industry. We implemented a strategic plan and a control process to drive sales across the vertical bringing together a large integrated team.

  • Coordinated all activities of a large team of AMs across 20 vertical accounts
  • Enabled overloaded account managers supporting many sales projects to focus solely on the sale
  • Drove accountability, strategy and next steps via weekly status updating and action item reminders

The Business Impact

Exceeded sales targets, increased account penetration across vertical and discovered new opportunities.

  • Better use of specialized technical resources meant sales people could cover more customers.
  • Team productivity increased and cost of sales went down.
  • Account managers freed up to spend more time in accounts selling
  • Improved team morale, reduced attrition and less burnout

Case Study: Close More Deals by Reducing Sales Team Administrative Burden

Account managers buried in administrative tasks don’t have time to talk to customers or sell solutions.

Client Challenge

Account teams were slow to close complex sales opportunities due to administrative burdens. This was causing missed revenue targets and impacting morale throughout the sales organization. The customer had agreed to purchase; the issue was getting all the details finalized so the customer could sign the final statement of work.

  • Account managers burdened by non-sales administrative tasks
  • Numerous inputs were needed by finance, advanced services and technology solutions that required the account manager to spend her time chasing people, rather than the order.
  • Customer was not seeing their solution going forward and was starting to look at competition.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon’s consultants implemented a cohesive program to reduce overhead burden in complex enterprise sales pursuits. We offloaded the people and details problems from the account rep and focused on escalating issues and ensuring that scarce technical resources were well coordinated to provide support.

  • Coordinated entire team towards sales focus and timelines
  • Hosted weekly team status meetings to review issues, follow up on deliverables, drive action items, next steps and strategy
  • Provided daily action item reminders and weekly status updates

The Business Impact

Account managers exceeded quota, were able to take on more accounts and improved customer relationships:

  • Sales team motivation and productivity improved due to increased selling time
  • Close rates for teams increased
  • Cost of sales was reduced due to more efficient scheduling of expensive technical and specialist resources between opportunities

Case Study: Increase Market Share by Redesigning The Pre-Sales Process

Lack of coordination meant account managers had difficulty accessing pre-sales support they needed to close the deal.

Client Challenge

The prospecting process was not yielding the close ratio expected by senior management.

  • Technical resources required for complex sales took too much time to engage.
  • Account managers were experiencing burnout and low morale.

How We Solved It

Applying communications and change management strategies in addition to streamlining the enterprise prospecting process resulted in substantial increases in market share.

  • Developed case studies and presentations to fund qualified pre-sales activities
  • Coordinated resources needed for creative deal structuring to beat-out the competition
  • Developed escalation path to rapidly resolve pre-sales roadblocks
  • Kept all stakeholders accountable and on track via weekly status and daily control

The Business Impact

300% return on investment since program initiated.

  • Program value forecast to be over $600 million
  • Program garnered accolades from key VPs and SVPs
  • Won back market share and completely displaced competitor in some accounts
  • Turned around morale into a “No Lose” mentality

Case Study: Outsourcing Internal Sales for a Telecommunications Solution Generated over $1 Million in Closed Deals

Sales Beacon’s team evangelized a new telecommunications service to the client’s staff and customers, generating over 65% of closed deals in 2016.

Client Challenge

A leading telecommunications client added a new service to their solutions portfolio, but were challenged educating their sales force and responding to client demand.

  • The client needed help educating account managers (AMs) on the new solutions
  • They did not have a team capable of responding to all their customers’ needs
  • The bombardment of potential customers and internal AMs who needed attention overwhelmed the client and forced them to pick and choose who to respond to, leaving many customers out in the cold

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon provided a dedicated team focused on knowledge transfer and saved countless deals that the overburdened client could not cover. We educated sales managers and customers on the new solution and saved sales that would have been lost.

  • We conducted intensive outreach for the new solution and made presentations and gave demonstrations
  • We made sure that all account managers recognized how to position the solution in their accounts, which brought in more opportunities
  • We made certain that even the smallest inquiry from customers or account teams was followed up and tracked

The Business Impact

Sales Beacon spread awareness about the new solution internally and externally. Sales Beacon directly generated $1.3 million in revenue for the client from the deals closed by our team.

  • We were responsible for more than 65% of the deals closed for the solution between January and November 2016
  • By taking the workload o the business development team, they could focus on big accounts