Sales Beacon | Case Study: Developing a Program Plan for a Global Bundled Cellular Rollout
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Developing a Program Plan for a Global Bundled Cellular Rollout

The client’s internal program management office was overloaded and couldn’t focus on a world-wide launch of a new bundled cellular solution.


Our client turned to Sales Beacon to develop a comprehensive change management and delivery plan and hand it off to the internal PMO for execution.

  • Gathered input from global stakeholders in order to ensure appropriate content development
  • Managed the development of a comprehensive rollout out strategy of the client’s cellular global solution
  • Responsible for tracking, follow-up and assuring accountability from nine sub-tracks


Sales Beacon program consultants coordinated the efforts of nine sub teams. This included marketing, partners, sales, engineering, services, finance, legal and pricing.

  • Developed agenda, organized presenters and followed up attendance for a weekly global team call with more than 100 participants
  • Tracked and follow up to completion on thousands of action items
  • Provided weekly details reporting


Partners are engaged in every sale at an early stage and revenues and quota attainment are significantly higher:

  • Successfully handed this program off to an internal team
  • Feedback received was 100% positive

“Sales Beacon has been an instrumental part of our business for the past 7 years.”

—Sr. Director Strategy, Planning & Operations, Fortune 500 OEM