Sales Beacon | Case Study: Resolving Client-Partner Communications Saved an Important Business Relationship
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Resolving Client-Partner Communications Saved an Important Business Relationship

Channel participation in sales opportunities was happening too late, impacting sales and increasing sales cycles. We assessed the situation and fixed communication problems, which resulted in higher partner involvement and more sales.


The VP Sales tasked our client, the Sales Director, to bring in partners earlier in sales opportunities.

  • Lack of channel partner input meant lost sales
  • Sales cycles were too long
  • Channel partners being brought into deals too late in the sales cycle


Sales Beacon discovered that a breakdown in communications was causing the problems. We helped develop a communications and training plan to solve the issues and engage partners earlier.

  • Managed partner engagement by splitting the project into multiple tracks based on technology solutions
  • Developed and produced extensive training and client/partner events
  • Produced all communications
  • Consulted with leadership to gain insights to transform the process
  • Designed status dashboards and a reporting cycle for the large team
  • Tracked action items, set up regular meetings, discussed solutions


Partner engagement improved in every sale at an early stage and revenues. Quota attainment climbed significantly higher:

  • Sales are better equipped to focus on a greater number of sales opportunities
  • Partners are better positioned to spot opportunities
  • Relationships between channel partners and the sales force have improved
  • New skills developed in the partner channel to spot and qualify new deals
  • Opportunity volumes increased as the combined capacity of teams expanded

“Sales Beacon has been a critical element of our success!”

— US Regional Sales Vice-President, Fortune 500 Enterprise