Sales Beacon | Partner Enablement Case Studies
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Partner Enablement Case Studies

Case Study: Engage Partners Earlier to Boost Sales

Lack of early channel partner participation in sales opportunities meant lost sales and longer sales cycles.

Client Challenge

The VP Sales tasked our client, the Sales Director, to bring in partners earlier in sales opportunities.

  • Lack of channel partner input meant lost sales
  • Sales cycles were too long
  • Channel partners being brought into deals too late in the sales cycle

How We Solved it

Sales Beacon discovered that a breakdown in communications was causing the problems. We helped develop a communications and training plan to solve the issues and engage partners earlier.

  • Managed partner engagement by splitting the project into multiple tracks based on technology solutions
  • Developed and produced extensive training and client/partner events
  • Produced all communications
  • Consulted with leadership to gain insights to transform the process
  • Designed status dashboards and a reporting cycle for the large team
  • Tracked action items, set up regular meetings, discussed solutions

Business Impact

Partner engagement improved in every sale at an early stage and revenues. Quota attainment climbed are significantly higher:

  • Sales are better equipped to focus on a greater number of sales opportunities
  • Partners are better positioned to spot opportunities
  • Relationships between channel partners and the sales force have improved
  • New skills developed in the partner channel to spot and qualify new deals
  • Opportunity volumes increased as the combined capacity of teams expanded

Case Study: Revitalizing Dormant Partners Increased Revenues by 20%

The client has an extensive channel partner network, but was only utilizing a small portion of it. These partners were unaware of channel incentives and product information and not realizing the opportunities in their sales regions and verticals.

Client Challenge

Our client wasn’t driving enough sales through its channels – and new partners weren’t being brought in by the sales teams. Lack of internal advocates to help partners navigate technical or sales challenges meant that our client was missing partner deal opportunities.

  • Account managers were not engaging third-tier partners
  • Advanced technical resources were inadequate to support partner needs
  • Sales management mandated doubling the partners’ quotas
  • Partners not adequately informed and had weak relationships

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon proposed and implemented a Virtual Channel (VPAM) team pilot. The objective was to leverage the revenue potential of under-utilized or dormant partners. The VPAMs provide training, sales collateral and deepen relationships with the partners.

Key initiatives:

  • Define solutions and support models collaboratively for partners to grow and drive their pipelines
  • Develop partner business plans for each of the top 5 partners per VPAM
  • Provide tactical online selling support and a focal point for contact
  • Dramatically increased contact to repair relationships and build loyalty
  • Build trust to get access to partner pipelines and increased wallet share

The Business Impact

The VPAM program has expanded internationally. Account teams can cover more business with more partners than previously possible. Annual revenue grew 20%.

  • Our client accessed reliable partner forecast revenues for the rst time.
  • Sales executives collaborated with partners to build new account plans
  • Partner training increased their ability to develop new opportunities
  • Account managers were freed up to work with larger partners on major deals

Case Study: US-Wide Partner Collaboration Drives a Successful Launch

The client sales teams were not meshing with their key partner sales teams, causing missed opportunities in major accounts.

Client Challenge

Our client had launched a solution co-developed with a major partner that wasn’t gaining market share. The Director of Sales contacted us to put together and manage a series of events across the US to help solve the lack of traction and bring the sales teams together. The goal was to leverage the strengths of both organizations to substantially grow revenues.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon consultants supported more than 30 people across 6 planning teams and 38 events across the US.

  • Sales Beacon managed event logistics at all venues including materials, catering and AV needs
  • Set up and managed a central resource repository.
  • Helped develop a new account strategy including a Play Book/ Take Away Package

The Business Impact

These events drove significant incremental channel-led revenue by bringing client and partner sales team together to present an integrated solution to prospects across the US.

  • Outsourcing the management to our Partner Enablement experts meant that sales managers on both sides could focus on presenting solutions to prospects.
  • The reduced stress that occurred from not having to deal with event logistics improved partner collaboration and allowed the teams to interact about the business, not problems.
  • The national launch had outstanding partner and client feedback.

Partner Launch Strategy Increased Revenues by Over 40%

The client needed to launch advanced solutions to the market quickly through a broad channel network and didn’t have the internal sta to support this e ort.

Client Challenge

Already over-tasked Partner Account Managers were unable to meet partner requirements to introduce a new and quickly evolving technology solution to the market.

  • Partners were poorly informed about the new solution offering bene ts
  • Partners couldn’t articulate the solution to potential customers
  • There were inadequate partner skills to install the new solution

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon‘s partner consulting teams identified which Tier 2 & 3 partners to focus on. We worked with partners to identify skill gaps and ensured that their sta were trained on client solutions. We focused on aligning partners to opportunities driven by client sales teams.

  • We created, organized and supported partner demand generation and training events
  • Coached partners on hosting Lunch & Learns and Customer Facing events to drive new opportunities
  • Developed and maintained a comprehensive dashboard to report:
    • YoY sales, quarterly changes, pipelines
    • Skill set of the partners, strength of their focus solutions from client’s catalogue of solutions
    • Identified verticals they were gaining success in how effective the various strategies were

The Business Impact

  • The engagement grew from a small group of partners into a much larger set of partners.
  • Sales Beacon’s focus partners business grew over 50%, with $21.5 million in incremental revenue
  • Provided training and vertical specific information around IOT solutions
  • Improved pipeline visibility so our client could plan more effectively

Case Study: How Partner Support Saved a Critical Channel Relationship

The client-partner relationship was tenuous – even the smallest of issues were escalated to conflicts.

Client Challenge

Lack of attention to the partner by the client led to issues and con icts and near loss of the partner to competition.

  • Partner was unhappy with the response time, difficulties with integration, and several other open issues
  • Dissatisfied partner threatened to quit and stop carrying client’s gear
  • Because the client is a very large company, partner found it hard to get response for weeks, making them feel neglected

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon’s Partner consultant took control of the situation, resolved immediate issues and worked towards building better relationship with the partner.

  • We improved response times, conducting meetings and discussions to bring all parties on same page and give immediate attention to each and every problem as it arose
  • Other responsibilities ful lled during the engagement included:
    • Keeping the partner aware of the latest client product o erings
    • Educating the partner to ensure they are using the product o ering as they should be
    • Training the partner so that they quote deals within their capabilities and working with partner to improve their capabilities
  • Sales Beacon was able to convey a sense of responsibility on client’s behalf to the partner
  • Because the partner was small and client is a very big organization, an important part of our role was as an advocate. This meant we streamlined their interaction with such a large company

The Business Impact

We increased our client’s revenue – and ensured they retained an important partner.

  • Sales Beacon’s consultant gave immediate attention to partner issues and was able to resolve them quickly
  • Set up weekly calls to bring together all parties and create reporting cadence, a sense of responsibility and being taken care of
  • Our resource provided 24/7 accessibility to the partner on client’s behalf, meaning the partner feels valued

Case Study: Untangling Organizational Obstacles Opened New Partner Market Opportunities

An innovative solution incorporating client and partner solutions was bogged down by the tedious and complicated process to put the solution on the client’s global price list.

Client Challenge

Our client was frustrated because opportunities to expand in untapped channels were not being realized due to internal bureaucratic blockages.

  • The key was to get partner’s product on the client’s price list
  • The burden of accomplishing this fell on the Partner Account Manager in the middle of a significant internal organizational change
  • The process was taking too long and the partner client relationship was suffering due to delays.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon’s Partner Consultant identified the global price list as the root cause of the market delay and identified what needed to happen to get the job done.

  • We took over the process and kept the internal and external stakeholders moving forward
  • Our consultant was the ‘touch point’ for the entire process, driving it forward, making sure that actions got accomplished, and the process kept on track
  • Once the global price list was completed, Sales Beacon worked with the client and partner to socialize the partner’s products and solutions to the relevant industry and vertical account teams within the client’s firm.

The Business Impact

Because Sales Beacon was able to accomplish updating the global price list in record time, our client was able to move forward into untapped markets.

  • The Partner was able to work with client account managers to sell the solution, because it was priced in their internal systems.
  • The client was able to leverage a partner’s knowledge and resources to sell more of their products and solutions

Case Study: Lack of departmental cooperation was stalling new channel opportunities.

Partner hesitated in converting a small project into a bigger one because there was no single point of contact. They were frustrated by the lack of attention and long response times.

Client Challenge

The client would have missed a huge sales opportunity as the partner found it frustrating to try to work with several departments at our client’s side

  • Partner hesitated in bringing new opportunities to our client.
  • The opportunity required joint efforts between several departments and people on client’s side, who did not work in the same part of the country and never talked to each other, which was a big challenge
  • The Partner found the departmental challenges insurmountable.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon’s Partner Consultant integrated eight client stakeholder groups to make it easy for the Partner to present new solutions.

  • Our Consultant advocated for the Partner within the client organization. This included involving client experts to help with the sales, presentation and design of the system for the customer (the City of Buffalo).
  • We helped the partner to prepare presentation materials for the City of Buffalo, arranged for training on the new products, and presented with them to the stakeholders.
  • Arranged for the City of Buffalo to visit sales offices in Toronto to familiarize them with the technology solutions

The Business Impact

Sales Beacon was instrumental in bringing together the two parties – the partner and the client – to collaborate on a huge opportunity, which would have otherwise been missed

  • The Partner started off with a small, one-product project, which Sales Beacon’s consultant grew into a very large, multi-product solution
  • The installation of our client’s many products for a big customer was an excellent opportunity for the client to showcase their brand-new technology.
  • Taking on high profile projects was in line with the partner’s goal to double their revenue in four years.