Sales Beacon | How Enterprise Sales Support Takes Teams from Better to Best
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How Enterprise Sales Support Takes Teams from Better to Best


Your company’s had a recent facelift. You’ve studied the incoming numbers but your smile is not as bright as it could be.

You’ve replaced your former vertical management structure with a dynamic, cross functional team.

You’re confident you’ve attracted the best talent you could find: HR, finance, innovation, marketing, operations – and of course – great sales account managers.

You’ve trained your resources to work towards the same clearly defined goals.

You’ve sharpened your interpersonal skills and learned how to get the best out of your employees.

You’re confident that you’re finally poised to reach your company’s potential.

But something hasn’t gelledThe culprit?

Time wasted. And that means squandering your resources. And that’s never good for the bottom line. Or the future of your company.

We’re talking about your most valuable sales staff wasting valuable hours sending emails and making phone calls. Taking notes or creating power points. Spending hours doing administration and chasing overlay legal, procurement and other internal resources getting contract approvals to close big deals.

We know all too well that time wasted is time away from delivering the product or service your client has bought, not to mention making wider connections and closing future deals with new clients.

Time wasted is time away from delivering the product or service your client has bought, not to mention closing future deals.

Is this the best you can be?


No. It’s not. And that’s where Enterprise Sales Support (ESS) comes in.


Your individual customer’s needs are unique but you might have several account managers looking after clients in related fields. Each account requires access to the same overlay resources to deliver the product or service the client has bought.


Instead of bringing in a project manager to work with each account manager on your individual accounts, why not engage an Enterprise Sales Support Specialist from Sales Beacon to work with your managers – and cross-functional resources – all at the same time? You’ll get greater efficiency, effectiveness and cost saving; pay out larger bonuses and make greater profits. And that always makes for bigger smiles all around.


An ESS Specialist is an expert in streamlining the entire sales process. While your team managers have more time to pay attention to the needs of the customer and the deal, the ESS Specialist ensures everything is else taken care of. Most importantly, they insure that everyone on multiple, cross functional teams stays focused and accountable and every task gets completed, no matter how small.

Account managers are deluged by administrative details when closing deals. ESS Specialist simplify everything.



Communicate with all account managers and resource leaders in your cross functional team. Because each account manager is selling the same products and services, meeting the same needs, overcoming the same challenges and solving the same problems, the ESS Specialist organizes and facilitates a meeting with ALL account managers and team leaders simultaneously. It’s the most effective way to discuss the interests of each individual customer AND the overarching needs of each department.

Develop a Plan

An ESS Specialist will develop a project plan with specific tasks or action items to help you meet your targets. We log and track all new developments; schedule meetings and cadence calls; help prepare resources for all meetings; generate status reports and effective communication tools; and facilitate maximum customer to team engagement.

Generate Time Savings

Account managers are usually deluged by petty administrative details when closing complex sales deals. Working with an ESS Specialist simplifies everything. Account managers always appreciate not being responsible for the management of invites or scheduling meetings with multiple, busy people. It lets account managers do what they were hired to do: sell!

Promote Knowledge Sharing

When account manager X deals with company Y, the knowledge base is limited to a single experience and the conversations had with the customer. When your account managers work together with our Specialist, they can easily collaborate and share information with each other, details that might benefit more than each individual account.

ESS Specialists take care of all logistical and administrative requirements to help you and your company reach sales targets.

Bring in the Overlay Resources

Multinationals with cross-functional teams – or vertical management structures – often use the same overlay resources for various projects. When a single ESS Specialist works with your company’s management team, they communicate with your valuable, busy resources remotely. Let us schedule your global resources for regular cadence calls, to check in on each department’s targeted action items and discuss individual strategies  – all during a single meeting.

The ESS Specialist aligns the virtual meetings to be strategically focused so department managers – and their resources – from any location know exactly when they need to be in on a call to discuss their specific focus. This means people aren’t sitting through parts of meetings that don’t involve them, which saves time, resource burden and potential burnout.

Create Economy of Scale

Holding a single meeting with all account managers in a cross functional team, rather than meetings with each account manager, brings companies greater economy of scale because fewer meetings means less squandered time, energy and money.

Take Care of Everything Behind-the-Scenes

In between meetings, the ESS Specialist takes care of all logistical and administrative requirements to help you and your company reach its sales targets. This includes the transcription of meeting notes, tracking and follow-up of action items, status reporting and all preparation for future meetings. This allows busy account managers to focus on building relationships with their customers to better understand their needs, and, ultimately, drive their business outcomes.

See examples of how Enterprise Sales Support has increased revenue and streamlined cross-functional sales for our clients.


More time in the schedule

Your company will experience a number of benefits when an Enterprise Sales Productivity Specialist works with your cross-functional or sales team. We free your team up to spend more time on sales account strategies, and less time on caught in a logistical quagmire.

We get results

Usually within four weeks, account managers notice the time and effort they are saving. Meetings are more strategic and tactical. People come with their actions reported on, allowing for a quick summarization of what’s been done and the next steps needed to get to the end game.

At the end of the day

By implementing our highly effective vertical strategies, a ESS consultant from Sales Beacon can help your cross-functional teams fast track strategic sales initiatives; focus multiple teams on co-ordinated account strategies, not time-wasted logistics; and keep on top of deliverables to move every sale forward.

Think of it as deep tissue massage

We’re here to help you put on your best face by saving you time and money by streamlining your entire process. We have the proven expertise to enable your cross-functional departments to collaborate more effectively with each other, helping you defy gravity and drive your sales numbers up.

Right to where you want them to be.