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Diversity at Sales Beacon

Everyone at Sales Beacon is passionate about empowering our clients and employees to have better lives. We are particularly focused on women in rural communities.

We understand the challenges of small town living and that talented, educated women face tough choices regarding career, community and family.

  • Pursuing careers usually means leaving their community and support systems.
  • Staying at home to raise their children leaves limited work options due to a limited number of daily hours.
  • Many find themselves with sub-optimal resumes due to life choices that impact their career.

This is why, as a woman-owned and run company, we are focused on providing opportunities to women in rural communities.

At Sales Beacon, we continually endeavor to celebrate the many differences that make us unique and help make our story a successful one.

Diversity Certifications

We’re Passionate About Empowering Women

 Click here to learn more about Sales Beacon’s WBE involvement and certification.

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