Sales Beacon | Case Study: Developing Online Leaderboards for Asia Sales Contest
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Developing Online Leaderboards for Asia Sales Contest

We were brought in to manage tight deadlines and online reporting to support hardware, services and contract bundled revenues across Asia.


The client wanted a program that incensed sales to bundle hardware, services and contracts in Asia. This program had to roll out in a tight timeframe and produce results within the fiscal year.

  • Develop a product roll-out strategy in a tight timeframe
  • Develop tracking measures for sales bookings and payout eligibility
  • Collaborate with finance to make quarterly incentive payouts


Sales Beacon developed a project strategy to roll out the incentive sales program in a tight timeframe.

  • Produced weekly detailed and summary reports that monitored bookings, payout eligibility and amounts for all account teams
  • Submitted quarterly payment reports to finance department for payout to successful account teams
  • Provided feedback and support for account team and senior management inquiries throughout the contest


Sales reps participated enthusiastically in the program.

  • Sales teams grew revenues of high-margin products by bundling them into more comprehensive solutions
  • The sales program was so successful it was extended from a quarter to a year-long initiative
  • Many account teams exceeded year-end quota projections

“Sales Beacon has been a critical element of our success!”

— US Regional Sales Vice-President, Fortune 500 Enterprise