Sales Beacon | Case Study: Creating Custom Training eBooks
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Creating Custom Training eBooks

The client needed sales eBook to fast-track front-line sales reps into successful customer interactions. Our Creative Services specialists produced a result much faster than in-house that could be customized for different regions.


Our client needed new virtual channel reps trained throughout the world and asked us to build technology specific eBooks to support this initiative. Sales Beacon has very experienced teams that specialize in this type of work. Requirements were:

  • Self-paced training available anywhere, anytime
  • Proprietary content, recorded meetings, public content and custom written materials
  • Testing process (self-testing) within material with email results to HR manager to ensure sales reps were learning effectively


  • Organized subject matter experts to develop content
  • Built team awareness of the eBook’s value using social media
  • Designed the eBook’s layout and supporting graphics


Using eBooks allowed deployment of salespeople to happen far more rapidly. It meant that all time zones could work through the material at their own pace.

The salespeople who have gone through this training were successfully introduced and quickly allowed the department to exceed its sales goals.

“Sales Beacon’s services freed up 30% of my work week.”

— Director of IOT, Wachter