Sales Beacon | Case Study: Collaborating Teams Across Asia, Europe & The Americas
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Collaborating Teams Across Asia, Europe & The Americas

The client needed to bring numerous global teams together to develop and manage a global roadshow across Asia, Europe and the Americas. The client needed to raise awareness of the new solution architectures for global telephone companies and internal staff were unable to handle the increased workload.


Create “Top of Mind” awareness reaffirming our client’s position as the global leader of networking technologies via a global roadshow and training program.

  • Generate awareness of new products and solution architectures among employees, customers and partners
  • Create learning opportunities for employees, customers and partners


  • Developed weekly meetings for each of the groups and sub-groups
  • Coordinated and produced stakeholder communications
  • Tracked and followed up on daily action Items
  • Tracked registrants across 15 venues in 3 global centres (Asia, Europe, Americas)
  • Tracked budgeted costs vs. actual spend
  • Coordinated the creation of learning materials/content


Successful outsourced program management introduced more than 1,600 attendees to the new solution architectures.

  • Participant feedback led to executive approval for an FY15 Roadshow.
  • Overall feedback from participants rated between “Very Good” to “Excellent”.

“I would not be able to move deals forward as rapidly without the organization and methodology that Sales Beacon provides.”

—Enterprise Account Manager, Fortune 500 Enterprise