Sales Beacon | Case Study: Organizing Industry Sales Teams to Work Together
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Case Study: Organizing Industry Sales Teams to Work Together

The client wanted to make their industry-specific sales teams more effective when solution selling into vertical markets. With Sales Beacon, they achieved cooperation and knowledge sharing among the salespeople, which made it easier for them to go after large, complex sales in similar accounts.


Our client asked Sales Beacon to work with sales management to solve several issues:

  • Sales teams needed to focus more on specific vertical markets, finding complex problems and then developing high-value solutions to those problems
  • Salespeople within each vertical were not adequately sharing knowledge and best practices, so the team’s performance was less than it could be
  • Some salespeople were too transactional – selling individual products rather than understanding the customer’s problem and building a comprehensive solution
  • Salespeople were being “pulled down into the weeds” – fire-fighting to resolve issues and manage the sales process, rather than doing what they do best: finding new customer needs


Sales Beacon’s consultant assessed the situation and set up a communications and process plan to make the team work more cohesively together:

  • We organized and held virtual events for members of each vertical’s team, in which they would learn from experts in the company and learn about new products
  • We set up knowledge sharing and recognition events so that solutions they had developed to help customers could be expanded into other accounts, along with receiving kudos for wins
  • Our consultant developed a program that would support the management of particularly complex deals. This helped manage the administrative details so they were handled smoothly, and freed up the salesperson to use their strengths to discover new opportunities


With improved coordination and knowledge sharing, revenues from each vertical market increased substantially.  This included a higher percentage of highly complex solutions that were this company’s strength.


Salespeople’s time was better used, in that they had someone else covering the details, this accelerated the process for other sales, and allowed the sales pipeline to get filled faster.

“Sales Beacon has been an instrumental part of our business for the past 7 years.”

—Sr. Director Strategy, Planning & Operations, Fortune 500 OEM