Sales Beacon | Case Study: Cleaning Up Over 700,000 Records Removed Confusion From Sales Force
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Cleaning Up Over 700,000 Records Removed Confusion From Sales Force

Years of automatic account create records from numerous feeder systems was creating havoc for pipeline reporting with up to 10 duplicate records per opportunity.


The account data in contained duplicate entries and junk data. These Account Records were the result of years of automatic account creates from numerous feeder systems. This data had never been de-duplicated.


  • Sales Beacon’s account management downloaded, filtered, sorted and formatted raw data, then presented them to the field for 1:1 field validation calls. At the end of the process, the data was loaded into the system, cleaning the live data.
  • During the process, Sales Beacon analyzed and identified a number of instances where the database allowed duplicated data to be created
  • Worked with IT to improve the system, including users clicking submit multiple times
  • Implemented user retraining across all levels
  • Out of 700,00 Records, 72% Were tagged as junk and hidden, 6% of Records were removed in 1:1 validation calls and 22% remained in the system


Based on Sales Beacon’s work, new account management policies and IT fixes were implemented, impacting the entire sales organization. Pipeline analysis and reporting was now far more accurate.

“I wish we had Sales Beacon on every account. They have a big impact on our success.”

—Practice Advisor, Fortune 500 Enterprise