Sales Beacon | Case Study: Streamlined reporting fast-tracks executive decisions
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Streamlined Reporting Fast-tracks Executive Decisions

Sales Managers were buried in manually gathering and manipulating data in Excel to produce reports needed for timely business decisions.


Business decisions were based on inaccurate, inconsistent information due to the lack of ‘a single source of truth’ for sales reporting.

  • No standard way of filtering data collected from different sources
  • Different managers in the same meeting were reporting different numbers
  • Duplication of data gathering and cleansing efforts
  • Sales managers buried in data details, with less time to focus on sales
  • Struggling to manage huge amount of data in Excel


Sales Beacon’s consultant developed full data cycle reporting and dashboards.

  • Took control of the entire data cycle to generate reports and dashboards in Excel spreadsheets and online
  • Provided detailed information for sales activity for executives, controllers and sales teams
  • Adopted Agile solution, incorporating feedback at each stage


Sales Beacon’s solution streamlined the visualization and reporting process leading to a reduction in reporting cycle time.

  • Freed up time and provided key reports to the sales leaders to make sound business decisions
  • Web-based reports allow easy collaboration and sharing of information
  • Client can identify gaps and grab sales opportunities
  • Gave sales leadership time back to focus on sales, not data manipulation

“Sales Beacon has been an instrumental part of our business for the past 7 years.”

—Sr. Director Strategy, Planning & Operations, Fortune 500 OEM