Sales Beacon | Business Intelligence Case Studies
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Business Intelligence Case Studies

Case Study: Accelerate executive decisions by streamlining reporting.

Sales Managers were buried in manually gathering and manipulating data in Excel to produce reports needed for timely business decisions.

Client Challenge

Business decisions were based on inaccurate, inconsistent information due to the lack of ‘a single source of truth’ for sales reporting.

  • No standard way of filtering data collected from different sources
  • Different managers in the same meeting were reporting different numbers
  • Duplication of data gathering and cleansing efforts
  • Sales managers buried in data details, with less time to focus on sales
  • Struggling to manage huge amount of data in Excel

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon’s Sales Intelligence consultant developed full data cycle reporting and dashboards.

  • Took control of the entire data cycle to generate reports and dashboards in Excel spreadsheets and online
  • Provided detailed information for sales activity for executives, controllers and sales teams
  • Adopted Agile solution, incorporating feedback at each stage

The Business Impact

Sales Beacon’s solution streamlined the visualization and reporting process leading to a reduction in reporting cycle time.

  • Freed up time and provided key reports to the sales leaders to make sound business decisions
  • Web-based reports allow easy collaboration and sharing of information
  • Client can identify gaps and grab sales opportunities
  • Gave sales leadership time back to focus on sales, not data manipulation

Case Study: Cleaning Up Over 700,000 Records Removed Confusion from Sales Force

Years of automatic account create records from numerous feeder systems was creating havoc for pipeline reporting with up to 10 duplicate records per opportunity.

Client Challenge

The Account data in contained duplicate entries and junk data. These Account Records were the result of years of automatic account creates from numerous feeder systems. This data had never been de-duplicated.


  • Sales Beacondownloaded, filtered, sorted and formatted raw data, then presented them to the field for 1:1 field validation calls. At the end of the process, the data was loaded into the system, cleaning the live data.
  • During the process, Sales Beaconanalyzed and identified a number of instances where the database allowed duplicated to be created
  • Worked with IT to improve the system, including users clicking submit multiple times
  • Implemented user retraining across all levels
  • Out of 700,00 Records, 72% Were tagged as junk and hidden, 6% of Records were removed in 1:1 validation calls and 22% remained in the system

Business Impact

Based on Sales Beacon’s work, new account policies and IT fixes were implemented, impacting the entire sales organization. Pipeline analysis and reporting was now far more accurate.

Case Study: Reorganize data analytics to fast-track reporting to sales leaders.

The over-burdened analytics team was unable to keep up with the increasing demand for data analytics reports and dashboards.

Client Challenge

The client’s data analytics teams were unable to keep up with Sales demands for timely, accurate information.

  • Decision-making process required a lot of guesses without the reports to support decisions
  • Narrow bandwidth on the in-house analytics sta resulted in reports being dropped or not created at all
  • Needed specific analytics across certain product portfolios to identify sales opportunities and how they could improve in new region

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon’s Sales Intelligence consultants implemented a program control model and introduced new reporting solutions.

  • Implemented Sales Beacon proprietary project control and planning methodologies
  • Set up monthly meetings with the managers to discuss their ongoing needs.
  • Built an analytics dashboard that provided real-time updates and snapshot of potential opportunities to the client
  • Generated business analytics from scratch for new business regions
  • Key components of data from three di erent sources were married together, creating usable and digestible analytics
  • Incremental implementation incorporating feedback from senior management

The Business Impact

Sales Beacon’s solution improved and reinstated reporting of sales data crucial for business decision making.

  • Helped save several hundred hours from the reporting and automation process
  • Freed up the Manager, Data Analytics and his team to focus on a strategic focus
  • Re-implemented key reports which were dropped due to lack of bandwidth

Case Study: Automating reporting saves Sales Managers hours of tedious manual work.

Sales Managers were buried manually importing data into spreadsheets in order to produce the reports they needed to run the business.

Client Challenge

Sales leadership was not getting timely information because data sources used different indexes so managers and operations teams spent many hours a week manually inserting data into spreadsheets.

  • Directors and VPs had little time to develop strategy or to adjust sales territories
  • Account teams did not maximize or leverage high-impact channel sales
  • Adjustments to territory sales reports hampered by data variations

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon stepped in to support the manual reporting e orts. Sales Beacon systemized the entire sales reporting process and streamlined the data gathering methodology.

  • Reviewed and applied enhancement requests with the Controllers and Field Directors
  • Designed a US sales performance dashboard Managed the cadence of reporting
  • Communicated reporting updates to all sales stakeholders
  • Reviewed and applied enhancement requests from sales leaders

The Business Impact

Sales Beacon’s Performance Dashboard is now a core reporting tool for the sales management teams. Sales leaders have access to insights needed to manage the sales force, sales territory alignment and sales team resourcing.

  • Dashboard implemented as a best practice the for US sales analysis team
  • National US sales reporting streamlined and systemized
  • Ongoing management of US performance dashboard for several hundred national sales managers and executives

Case Study: Implementing a Balanced Score Card helps executives target strategic sales growth

Our Sales Intelligence consultants transformed manual, inconsistent reporting into enterprise-wide business insights.

Client Challenge

Sales leadership needed an easier way to understand trends in goal attainment across all territories and product lines in order to make decisions on territory alignment and sales incentives.

  • Worked with sales leaders to identify what data they needed in what formats from which sources
  • Needed a way to have quickly understand if sales were promoting the solutions and products that the management wanted them to focus on
  • Required reports to make decisions about motivating the sales force to win against intense competitive behavior

How We Solved It

Leveraged existing sales data by developing an enterprise-wide balanced score card that implemented a stacked ranking leaderboard across all key strategy categories.

  • The Balanced Score Cards stack rank teams based on goal attainment and progress in key strategic go-to market efforts
  • Created reports that were not available in the system from data sources not previously integrated
  • Extracted data from various sources to create dashboards and reports in Excel
  • Engagement running successfully for 8 years – several incremental updates to the reporting system to align with changing go-to-market strategies

The Business Impact

The Balanced Scorecard was adopted by sales leadership as a key sales reporting and sales force motivation tool.

  • Dashboards are utilized by everyone in the hierarchy for decision making
  • Balanced Score Card drives competition within the field
  • Allows Sales Leadership to steer focused effort in business areas where management wants to see growth

Case Study: Automating a manual reporting system speeds up sales forecasting.

Manually gathering data and building reports was costing many hours per week from the busy schedules of sales managers and operations teams.

Client Challenge

Sales-critical information was not getting developed on time as sales managers followed the time consuming manual process of gathering, combining and converting data into actionable reports.

  • More important tasks like strategizing and planning were getting sidelined
  • Manual process meant longer reporting cycles
  • Due to the lack of a scalable system to create reports, there was duplication of effort in different parts of business

How We Solved It

Our Sales Intelligence consultants automated the report building process for the client, freeing up sales leaders’ time for analyzing, decision making and strategizing.

  • The solution combines three pieces of information into one report – past performance data, account teams’ forecast data and dynamic data from
  • It reads information from a data warehouse and used VBA and other excel capabilities to build customizable reports
  • Followed Agile methodology for implementation and rolled out rst version of the tool, reviewed with end user and incorporated feedback in the updated next version

The Business Impact

The real value add for the customer was that the automated process of report generation ensured valuable hours are invested in making sense of data, instead of working on data.

  • Speeds up the weekly forecasting process
  • Built in performance metrics allow users to make actionable decisions
  • Improves productivity by saving hours of manual labor
  • The average time to build reports was reduced from a couple of hours to under 10 minutes, freeing up sales resources to do more things with their time
  • Scalability of the solution made it possible to have one base solution which then could be used across many parts of the business with minor changes
  • Weekly forecast tool is also being used by the Senior Finance people for all of the regions in Europe and Canada

Case Study: Transforming from low-use into an integral team forecasting tool

The client sales forecasting process cost millions of dollars in lost sales productivity annually. use was low across the organization.

Client Challenge

A manual, weekly sales forecasting process was costing millions of dollars in lost sales productivity annually.

  • Onerous, duplicate, heavily manual forecasting process
  • From account managers to senior VPs – a day a week out of the eld every week
  • The CRM in place was not being used

How We Solved It

  • Interviewed the eld team, tagged pain points, drafted a possible solution
  • Solution required changes and required buy in from senior stakeholders to re-train the entire sales force
  • Executed the solution (6 months), retrained the sales force and implemented a comprehensive change management strategy

The Business Impact

Increased productivity by one-half day for every person in the sales organization.

  • Streamlined the process and transformed it from reporting numbers to talking business
  • Drove usage, leading to better business intelligence and pipeline reporting
  • Estimated savings – 1⁄2 day for every person in the organization – in the $millions per year
  • Estimated revenues – $10M+ (more time to sell and focus on the business)

Case Study: Develop customer satisfaction insights to transform client relationships

Sales teams were unable to utilize legacy customer satisfaction data to proactively identify high-risk customers.

Client Challenge

The client had a large database of customer feedback that had incredible customer information that would be very useful in the hands of the sales people–but was inaccessible. They asked Sales Beacon to develop a monthly report that highlighted customer satisfaction trends and comparison. Technical resources required for complex sales took too much time to engage.

  • Customer insights missed because historical trend data unavailable
  • Geographic based performance trend comparisons needed
  • Valuable metrics and context data inaccessible in legacy customer satisfaction system

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon developed an automated monthly regional report by extracting key trending data from the customer satisfaction system.

  • Worked with leaders to identify meaningful metrics and delivered regular and automated customer satisfaction insight
  • Designed a regional report to extract the raw data which automatically applied lters and formatting
  • Provided anecdotal (e.g. customer comments) and valuable metrics on sales team performance
  • Highlighted geographically based trend comparisons

The Business Impact

Better informed sales teams equipped to identify and capitalize on sales opportunities and proactively reach out to unsatisfied customers.

  • Provided sales teams with succinct, usable key customer satisfaction trending information
  • Sales identify high-risk customers earlier and take action to remedy issues
  • Better informed sales teams now equipped to identify new sales opportunities
  • More e cient and e ective collaboration with partner organizations on a global level