Sales Beacon | Business Analyst
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Sales Beacon is Hiring Business Analysts

Why you’ll be amazing for this role

You are detail oriented, a quick learner and an absolute whiz with spreadsheets and numbers. You are an independently motivated, resourceful individual with the ability to prioritize and excel in a fast paced environment.

Working out of your home supporting programs in a virtual fast-paced environment sounds like a perfect fit. Your listening skills are excellent and you don’t hesitate to ask smart clarifying questions to clients.

Job Summary

Sales Beacon’s clients require key analytics to understand ROI on various initiatives. We also help them assess customer satisfaction. Our executive reporting helps them to optimize personnel across geographic territories.

You will design and implement how to measure key performance metrics relating to the health of programs that we are managing for our clients.

We are looking for an individual who loves working with data, and who knows how to mine, curate, visualize and present this data to reveal the stories hidden within.

This role is for a self-starter who is compelled to find the answers to questions that no one has yet asked, and to use these findings to refine processes and improve efficiencies for our clients.

Key Qualifications

To perform this job, you must possess strong analytical skills – AND – you must be able to design reports that effectively communicate your insights to the highest levels of an organization.

  • Strong analytical and/or computer science background with several years of experience working with quantitative data.
  • Familiar with the use of data visualization theory and elements of design to build succinct, powerful visualizations and interactive dashboards.
  • Experience with advanced data analytics, data transformation and data management projects
  • In-depth experience of analyzing data and creating reports, working with data to identify trends and make recommendations
  • Analyzing and evaluating the performance of key business metrics
  • Expert at MS Excel, including pivot tables, lookups, conditional formatting, formulas, and macros.
  • Excellent time & process management skills
  • Self-sufficient and self-driven individual
  • Polished and effective oral and written communication.
  • Well organized, attention to detail.

Desirable depending on the assignment

  • dashboard and pipeline reporting
  • SQL experience utilizing complex queries in a large data warehouse environment such as Oracle
  • Data mining, programming and scripting experience is a plus.
  • Tableau or other data visualization tools.


Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or related quantitative fields with at least 3 years related experience.