Sales Beacon | 3 Reasons You’re Struggling to Fill Pipeline
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3 Reasons You’re Struggling to Fill Pipeline

Are you struggling to fill pipeline? You’re not alone. According to Forbes Magazine, 57% of all sales pros missed quota last year. Let’s get straight to what we see as the three main reasons why this percentage is so high:

  1. Sellers talk too much and sell too soon in the sales process.

Salespeople need to listen in the early stages. How else will they understand the needs of their clients? Instead of going into cookie-cutter sales patter, a strong seller will ask detailed questions designed to get to the heart of the buyer’s goals. HubSpot found that 69% of buyers say the #1 thing they want from sellers is to “listen to my needs”.

  1. Sellers don’t know what type of questions to ask.

Challenge questions are specifically designed to build pipeline. Using buzzwords like “issue, concern, worry, struggle, and problem” will get to the heart of your customer’s needs. If there’s no problem, there’s no sale, right? Sellers need to first be problem detectives, then be problem solvers. That’s how to fill your pipeline and make more sales! (can you link to the previous blog here?)

  1. Sellers spend too much time on non-revenue generating activities.

65% of seller’s time is spent on activities having nothing to do with selling. SalesForce did a study revealing that improving the productivity of sales reps is the #1 path to driving revenue growth.  Check out our blog on “how to unburden busy salespeople” for proven strategies designed to maximize salespeople’s selling time.

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