Sales Beacon | Case Study: Revitalizing Dormant Partners Increased Revenues by 20%
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Revitalizing Dormant Partners Increased Revenues by 20%

The client has an extensive channel partner network, but was only utilizing a small portion of it. These partners were unaware of channel incentives and product information and not realizing the opportunities in their sales regions and verticals.


Our client wasn’t driving enough sales through its channel partner network and new partners weren’t being brought in by the sales teams. Lack of internal advocates to help partners navigate technical or sales challenges meant that our client was losing revenue opportunities.

  • Account managers were not engaging third-tier partners
  • Advanced technical resources were inadequate to support partner needs
  • Sales management mandated doubling the partners’ quotas
  • Partners not adequately informed and had weak relationships


Sales Beacon proposed and implemented a Virtual Channel (VPAM) team pilot. The objective was to leverage the revenue potential of under-utilized or dormant partners. The VPAMs provide training, sales collateral and deepen relationships with the partners.

Key Initiatives:

  • Define solutions and support models collaboratively for partners to grow and drive their pipelines
  • Develop partner business plans for each of the top 5 partners per VPAM
  • Provide tactical online selling support and a focal point for contact
  • Dramatically increased contact to repair relationships and build loyalty
  • Build trust to get access to partner pipelines and increased wallet share


The VPAM program has expanded internationally. Account teams can cover more business with more partners than previously possible. Annual revenue grew 20%.

  • Our client accessed reliable partner forecast revenues for the first time.
  • Sales executives collaborated with partners to build new account plans
  • Partner training increased their ability to develop new opportunities
  • Account managers were freed up to work with larger partners on major deals

“Sales Beacon’s services freed up 30% of my work week.”

— Director of IOT, Wachter