Sales Beacon | Case Study: Save Time, Generate More Money with Sales Productivity as a Service
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Save Time, Generate More Money with Sales Productivity as a Service

This complex project involved many different departments within the client’s company, as well as a partner, the retailer, and other stakeholders. The scope of the project went beyond what the client’s account managers would ordinarily do – or even had time for. Communication among the client’s project team and everyone else needed be clear, focused and action oriented to keep the project on track. More than anything else, someone needed to keep all the balls in the air and ensure none of them dropped.


The client wanted a smart, capable individual to manage the project. Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Free up the managers’ time by bringing top-level organization to specific projects with multiple parties and multiple companies
  • Keep the project on track and keep people focused and accountable
  • Engage a third party whose only stake in the project was to ensure it ran smoothly


Sales Beacon followed our Sales PaaS model using our Days of the Week (DOTW) project-control methods to keep everyone accountable and to manage the project to a successful conclusion. We provided an organized, proactive communication strategy bringing together everyone related to the project.

  • We held weekly (or more frequent) calls with the client’s account team and any stakeholders assisting in the sales process (business unit, product team, technical resources) to ensure everyone was aligned. These calls dealt with outstanding and new action items and the status of the various projects.
  • On Mondays, we sent out action item reminders to all those who had outstanding items. On Fridays, we sent a status check to the account team and the retailer to show what had been completed that week and what was still outstanding. Many outstanding issues were technical and involved engagement from different departments within the client company.
  • We also held a call three times a week directly with the retailer and the client company team to update the status of the run book and address any new issues.


We asked the client what three words they would use to describe their experience working with Sales Beacon. Here’s what they said.

“A clone. A clone, honestly. You jump into the boat just as we would, and you have the difficult conversations just as we would. It’s as if I cloned myself when we brought you guys on, trusting that you’d steer everybody in the same direction I would have.”

Their other two words? “Trustworthy. Comprehensive.”

As it happens, that’s what we shoot for.

“The client’s sales grew almost 200% year over year”


The client saved time, boosted their project-management expertise, seized new opportunities, and grew their sales by 200%.

  • One account manager described her time savings from the phone calls alone as “considerable – at least four hours in a 40-hour work week.” She kept on top of the project with the help of written minutes and other briefings from Sales Beacon. She called our responsiveness “a tremendous asset.”
  • The client gained a clear picture of the project status in terms of timelines, next steps and accountability. As one account manager put it, “I feel like I’m organized, but you’re organized at a completely different level!”
  • Because they were able to accomplish more in a shorter time, the client told us they were able to avoid costly mistakes and pull in opportunities sooner.
  • The client’s sales grew almost 200% year over year, from about $15 million last year to $30 million this year.