Sales Beacon | Case Study: Save time, generate more earnings, and keep customers and staff happy with expert after-sales care
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Save Time, Generate More Earnings, and Keep Customers and Staff Happy with Expert After-Sales Care

The client’s engineers were spending too little time producing and selling – the main functions of their jobs – and too much time putting out fires in after-sales care and follow-up. What made the situation worse was that, in an effort to give time back to the engineers, the company’s managers were looking after customer accounts themselves, which in turn was impacting the managers’ own productivity. Customers were suffering, too, because of delays in resolving their problems.


The client needed skilled and knowledgeable people they could trust to handle the post-sales process efficiently. The specific goals were to:

  • Free up engineers’ time so they could meet with their customers earlier and start generating more sales
  • Free managers to focus on their own leadership responsibilities
  • Keep customers happy


The client saved engineers’ and managers’ time, saved money, generated millions of dollars in more sales, and had happier customers. Staff were happier, too, because they were able to do their jobs better.

  • Engineers and sales people were in front of customers more often, because they were freed from tasks they’d previously had to deal with.
  • One senior manager estimated salary savings of between $4,000 and $8,000 a week per engineer, and he has 20 engineers in the five states he covers. Going beyond just those five states, he estimated the increase in sales to be in the millions.
  • By helping the engineers, we also helped their leadership team, the account manager and the sellers. As our client put it, “My leadership team felt like a weight was lifted off their shoulders. They were thinking, ‘This is phenomenal. Where have you been all my life?’”
  • We improved the engineers’ lives because we gave them time to do their jobs, the client told us. The ones who didn’t know how to handle some aspects of post-sales work learned from our team how to do things better.
  • According to the client, it took only seven to ten days for us to build trust, good relations and rapport and to understand the skills needed. And in that time the leadership team figured out, in the client’s words, “These people really know their stuff. These people know who to contact. They know how to escalate. They know how to communicate with the customer. They know how to communicate internally.”
  • Our services fit easily into the client’s work culture. In their words, “Ease of use out of 10? I’d say 12. The ease of service was ridiculously easy.”


Sales Beacon was engaged to manage the client’s post-sales care.

  • We helped the account team by tracking open incidents with customers. (An open incident could relate to anything from a hardware or software failure to a system failure.)
  • The client provided us with any open cases that weren’t moving along in a timely manner.
  • We took the cases and monitored them at least daily, and sometimes more often than that, to ensure the engineer assigned to the case was following up with the customer and moving things toward resolution.

“My leadership team felt like a weight was lifted off their shoulders.”

— Manager, Systems Engineering Sales

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